Manik Mag is a socially driven publication. With a mission to communicate the diversity in the lives of plus-size women, while debunking the misconceptions held on plus-size women too- we’re opening Manik up to your passions, embarrassing & funny stories; your success, your opinions, and your journey in this majestic space called life with reader submissions.

We invite you to participate in various features by submitting mobile videos, photos or written content.



All Summer 16′

This season brought one hell of a summer and we want in on it all. Share your unique Summer 16′ stories with us. Maybe you rocked a two-piece for your first time, or almost drowned while attempting to float in the kiddie pool. OR maybe your ex showed up at your family’s bbq uninvited. Whatever the case is….we want in on it.


  • Videos must be widescreen (filmed horizontally using mobile device).
  • Audio/Voice must be loud and clear
  • Background should be solid or not cluttered
  • Video must be at least 60 seconds but less than 5 min.
  • E-mail video to: with “All Summer 16′” in the subject line.


VEGANS & VEGETARIANSVegans & Vegeterians

We’re exploring the lives of plus-size women living as vegans or vegetarians; highlighting the challenges encountered, health benefits, and social misconceptions. Please take a moment to complete a short questionnaire for feature consideration.



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