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Fashion choices are just that. Choices!

You have the right to where whatever you want- when you want. While opinions may run wild. It’s not your responsibility to be accountable for other people’s opinions. It’s only your responsibility to be your best you.

Your best you, should live for you, celebrate you, and do things that will only enhance the hautie you strive to be- for the day, moment, minute, or hour. That said, your fashion choices play a contributing factor in carrying out your best you. Most hauties dress according to how they feel, while others dress for comfort, and the fancy hauties…well they’re doing it for the style of it all.

Photo Credit: musingsofacurvylady.com

Leggings happens to be the most comfortable article of clothing that exist; especially for plus-size women! You know our jean struggles, you know the struggle for finding the perfect dress or skirt. Leggings are essential and are embraced by just about every plus-size woman walking the face of this earth. They carry us through dress down or dress up days.

Source: Instagram

But what’s this new meme attack on “fat women in leggings”?! Let’s be clear, leggings are a fat girl’s best friend.

Press Play On Hautie @Ms.Hansford

Do you really care what others choose to think about your fashion choices? Comment below or e-mail: sweekes@manikmag.com telling us why you don’t care about how others view your fashion choices.


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