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Written by: Ally Glasgow
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Being confident is an amazing gift when its sincere. Yes, there are some beautiful, smart and talented women out here pretending that they are extremely comfortable and confident in their own skin when in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. I for one am a work in progress so I acknowledge although I am way more confident than insecure… I do have my moments. But the most damaging part of being secretly insecure is the inability to cheer others on. If you can’t look across the room at any given social gathering and feel compelled to tell one of the many fabulous women in the room “you look absolutely amazing!” and mean it? You need work.

The ability to acknowledge another person’s gain or achievement without resentment or envy says a lot about where you are in life. To truly be beautiful, to truly be whole …we as women need to dig deep and appreciate our own skin in order to truly root for our fellow sisters. Why bother? Why bother note or even promote the beauty that is not your own? For good karma. So that we all can do better, that’s why. Because in 2017, we all need to embrace our individuality sincerely to perpetuate something bigger and more purposeful than ourselves. And it can start with something as basic as a simple compliment to that random woman across the room. That woman may need a reminder of how beautiful she is. She might even have had the worst work week, break up, legal issue known to man that brought her to that event for a minute of escape.

So rather than invest your energy in side-eyeing and cutting someone up …build them up.

I was elated and absolutely inspired watching the Womens’ March totally change the sphere of a diverse group of voices and with such elegant synergy create an international movement against hate. The power of our self love …dictates how we love our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our friends. The mosaic of faces, voices and experiences coming together for the greater good of being heard as one was remarkable. The Womens’ March in Washington was more than just a political statement…it was one of the more powerful alliances we need to acknowledged on a daily basis.  These women embraced themselves in order to embrace one another. They used their talents, their self love in order to uplift one another. The movement is magnetic and I’m glad that was at the start of my 2017.

Channel the  energy of the Womens’ March ….and maintain the momentum day to day. Do better, think better and be better. Let your confidence radiate and be a positively infectious part of your peripheral. Embrace your strength, your gifts and beauty in order to purposefully lift others up because the rewards impact more than just you.

Xoxo Ally

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