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It’s always interesting to learn people’s point of view on issues that strike a social nerve. With the 45th President of the United States taking office, there has been an overwhelming string of issues that have been bought to the forefront. Many of these issues have caused great racial divisions amongst people within the United States and have warranted demands on basic civil liberties and human rights for women and other races/nationalities that have been made a target agenda for the 45th President.


Starting with the most basic- division- the divide between men and women.  Most people were stumped by Donald J. Trump’s win for presidency; not only because he lacked the credentials for such a challenging position but Trump has a history of displaying a lack of respect for women. With his most recent and infamous statement going public:



As a woman or feminists, how does it feel to know the President of the country of which you live; holds these types of beliefs, and practices this type of behavior toward women?

Jeannie Ferguson, Plus-Model/Designer – @PlusModJeannieF

Now that Donald Trump is President, I do not feel protected or respected. As the saying goes “You lead by example”. If this is the leadership and the example he is setting, we are doomed as women. President Obama showed the men in this country how to treat a Queen. Donald will show them the proper way to grab a crotch and treat others who are not “Orange” like animals.


Nicole Flores, Writer – XponentialCurve

Now America has ushered in a pussy grabbing gaffe of a POTUS whose rhetoric of rape culture and bigotry is front and center on the world stage. History is repeating itself and not the good kind of history like the Abolishment of Slavery or the Suffrage & Civil Rights movements…

Leah Vernon, Blogger- @LVernon2000

As a Black woman who also happens to be Muslim, I feel repulsed by this behavior. It’s a direct attack on humanity. There is a social war ensuing because of hatred, bigotry, and racism. Unfortunately, he isn’t the first and won’t be the last bigot in power. Equal rights and inclusion for people of color and women’s rights have been under attack since the birth of America. Trump has openly blew the lid off a lot of deep-rooted issues that Americans have been facing and now, there’s no denying it.



I feel uncomfortable to say the least. He wants to make America great again and I think all of us ladies of color would like to know when that was? Was it when we were getting raped after a long day of work on the cotton fields? Or was it, when we had no rights to vote? The way he expresses himself makes me think of oppression. He makes the land of the “free” unsafe to be a woman. With one conversation he has given womanizers the o.k. to violate women. With Trump being the 45th President- it shows America has not come as far as we think it has. Bigotry and racism has never been stifled. But it still goes on behind doors. As a people, we just have to rely on God and put faith in his deliverance, not mans. With that said, let’s pray to endure to the end of his 4 year term. – Aspen Thompson, Reader – @TheCaliheartthrob

Brandee L. Tibbs, Blogger – @MzzBrandee

As a woman this statement makes me feel a sense of disappointment. As a women these notions make me feel a sense of objectivity and insignificance. However, much like the Miranda warning, I give not only Mr. President but all Men in America the right to remain silent OR to be respectful, and to treat ALL WOMEN with dignity. Like Lauryn Hill said, Respect is JUST a minimum. So NO fellas you can’t go around grabbing women by the pussy and no Mr. President you CAN NOT do JUST anything. . . It’s about time we make that understood ladies!


Brittne Brande, Plus Model – @TheBrittneBrande

As a woman, I feel angry. The strange part is I’m not even angry at him. He did everything in his power to show us how unfit for presidency he was, but still millions of women across this country were willing to ignore these red flags all because he “tells it how it is”. I believe that his election shows just how cold and numb the American public has become. They would rather have a White, racist, fascist, pompous demagogue I feel like this shows just how far we’ve fallen as a nation. For a president then a woman. I honestly can say that I’m terrified. I feel like these executive orders are only going to add fuel to an already large fire. I fear for our national security is danger, and that we are on the verge of war on our own soil.
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