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Written by Simeone Snowden 
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A t-shirt has so many style functions. You can dress it up and down; which is always fun because it comes with so many friggin stylish options. This particular look is fun because it combines the beauty of soft masculinity mixed with raw femininity. Mainly because it’s pure bad-ass and whether you’re conservative or more liberal in your fashion choices- it’s safe enough to pull off and still be your- comfortable you.

There are two ways to achieve this look…you can go high-end or you can go low-end…but the end result will still be a fire flex.

For the hauties who love a good label, I have you covered with go to looks:

This t-shirt dress pictured is by designer Givenchy, retailed at $609 it has been worn by several trendsetting celebrities. If you’re open to dropping a mortgage note on a t-shirt…that’s awesome and congrats! This is a no-judgement zone. This t-shirt is available at Barney’s  up to size XXL. However, if you’re into alternative cheaper yet chic options- read on. I got you covered.

This look can be achieved with a solid black-long tunic-like T-shirt or it can be funked up with a graphic T-shirt much like the Givenchy T shown.

The denim jacket pictured is from retailed at $25. Ripped and distressed denim jackets are very on trend. It can totally be paired with just about anything. However, the one thing you want to stand clear of is looking “too trendy”.  There is such a thing. No matter what you do- you want to always be sure one piece of clothing won’t clash with the other.
The over the knee boots from Givenchy are retailed at $1603. Over the knee-boots are perfect to rock with oversized t’s mini-dresses/skirts and shorts. It adds instant sexy and edge to any fit.

For all the hauties,  similar to me,  who are infatuated with bargains- I can show you how to achieve this look on a frugalista budget…

The frugalista version of this fit, looks as edgy as the high-end look.


This t-shirt dress is available in plus-sizes at BooHoo, retailed at $16.20. Technically ,you can pull this look off with a graphic or basic solid black t-shirt. A solid black t-shirt would need at least one statement accessory to create a minimal wow factor.
Over the knee boots is another trend this season. You can find some moderately priced ones at just about every online- boutique. We happen to like the ones shown above retailed at $99 available at Steve Madden. Alternatively, you can find some open-toe over the knee boots.
 These boots offer a good stretch shaft and are retailed at $50, available at Go Jane.
 Now that you got the look- we want to see how you rock it! Show us your personal style using hashtags #manikmagstyle and #eyezforstyle and you could be featured on our Instagram page.
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