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A lover of all things fashion and a native of the DMV (D.C. Maryland Area), plus-model Capri serves as the face for Pearlina Designs, a conservative plus-size fashion label based in Washington D.C.. With only one year working as a professional model- Capri has been a featured model at Maryland Fashion Week and is highly requested by plus-size designer Eula Taylor, to appear in her collection campaigns.
Capri is no ordinary model; a survivor of cancer and currently living with hypothyroidism this hautie has boldly conquered adversity.  To add to her growing list of accomplishments, more recently she’s been recruited by Aushia Smith of Réussir School of Modeling, Acting, and Refinement as an education instructor. As a newcomer to the world of plus-modeling Capri got her start in 2014- when offered the opportunity to walk in Maryland Fashion Week, since then she has been creating an unstoppable wave.


Q: As a plus-size model what is the one thing that you find is applicable to you but not so much for straight-size models?

A: Many straight sized models don’t believe they have to wear shapers while it is s requirement for any plus-size model or you aren’t even seen. 

Q: What changes would you like to see within plus-size fashion?

A: The biggest frustration- to be invited and to participate in a show and the designers have only accessories for the curvy models.  Or like, when there is only one designer invited for fuller-women.  I would love to see designers show a range of sizes in their collections and I’d also like to see the division of Plus Fashion Week and straight-sized be destroyed.

Q: Who are amongst your favorite plus-size designers?

A: Of course those I’ve worked with, Pearlina Designs, Twelve26, and JonMarc.  I LOOOVVEEE Riecees Pieces Designs. But  some of the bigger brands would have to be Ashley Stewart and Torrid.

Q: Give us some details about your role with Pearlina Designs.

A: I was recently chosen to be one of the Faces for Pearlina Designs 2015-2016 line. With that came an amazing photo shoot and the opportunity to walk in her signature pieces during her Annual Runway Show which was held on October 11.  Over the next year I will be working closely with designer Jacqueline Chase-Hudson to contribute to the social responsibility component of the Pearlina Designs campaign-reaching out to cancer survivors, those with hypothyroidism or any woman going through physical changes that may need a shoulder, encouragement or more.  The details are still being worked out but its going to be epic. 

 Q: How has being a plus-size model impacted your life?

A: Being a plus-size model has made me more confident and comfortable in my skin. It has also allowed me to encourage other women to reach for goals they may have placed on the back-burnert, or maybe just too scared to reach them-because they have been told they can’t. 

Q: Tell us how’d you become the signature face of Twelve26?

A: Oddly enough I am not the official signature face of Twelve26. I met Eula through District of Curves Fashion Show in Washington D.C. and she wanted me to do a photo shoot for her website and we really got along and we’ve worked together ever since.  I’m not even the size- her clothing caters to but I love her designs and spirit so I’m there when she needs me. We have become friends over the last few months and the shoots are always AMAZING!

Q: If you could create the perfect runway show which plus-size models would you have walk with you?

A: My top picks, would have to be Liris Crosse, Samantha Lebbie, Aushia Smith, and Anita Marhsall.  

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