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Summer not only brings new fashions but it also brings along NEW hair styles. One thing we seem to forget-is when switching up our hair-look are best practices that we should be incorporating  to have healthy hair for the new season. With over 16 yrs of styling hair I have seen a number of clients forget the importance of hair maintenance.


Hairdresser Cutting Hair
Hairdresser Cutting Hair

I would just like to take a moment to let you in on something. People state that trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow. Well, what it does do is clean away the dead hair that’s constantly breaking and allows for the healthy and strong hair to progress. I’m sure you’ve noticed when you haven’t had a trim in a while that your hair does one or two things. Remember when you asked yourself why is your hair breaking or shedding profusely? Dead hair does nothing but cause your hair harm. Look at it as “the enemy,” it’s holding you back from that shinny luscious hair we all desire!! When we hold on to our dead ends it keeps our hair in the dry and brittle state. The dead hair is dry and striving for life while sucking every bit of moisture it could possibly get.

Find a stylist you can trust that does hair with love! A trim should only be a trim and happen every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the condition of your hair. Long hair that you can see through and that looks lifeless- isn’t good hair! To add life to your hair, it’s a must that you let it go and watch your hair become revived. Once you’ve allowed your stylist to handle those ends. Your hair will feel much lighter and look fuller- with volume- exuding healthy flourishing hair.

You won’t be disappointed… Besides its ONLY HAIR IT WILL GROW BACK!!!


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