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Laura- Manik Workout
I had never, ever (I seriously mean ever) put myself in any kind of intense and scary workout commitment. I should have probably been sleeping. It was a Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. and I was eating my “last” ice cream (mercy). I was up against an intense week with Grinder, a 21-day fat blasting boot camp, which I purchased on the ever-affordable Groupon.  I was convinced by my closest girlfriends (who also happen to be my neighbors) that we all spend $30.00 for 21 days of bootcamp hell, which would magically end right in time for summer. How could I say no? I knew it was the right thing to do, and if I didn’t join I would watch them come home sweaty and fit and I would be jealous of their endorphins and experience. They’d be done before I knew it and I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t try.

Laura- Manik Workout 3

I’ve always had my own mantra of “schedule it first, think later”. Even if it’s scary, whatever it is, the biggest hurdle is getting it on your calendar. This mindset has brought me all over the world, with one-way flights to faraway countries, and in the end- it always worked out. Anyways, I had bought bootcamp hell. There was no turning back…and I felt totally screwed!

DAY 1:

I pulled up for my assessment (which was basically fat-pinch measurements) and I immediately regretted my decision. I immediately texted the girls who got me into this mess, and they said I should man up. Well, I’m in the parking lot outside so I guess they’re right and I should just man up, or as I prefer, “woman up”. It would be impossible to turn back now. The assessment turned out to be a lot less intimidating than I had imagined it in my creative brain. The owner was incredibly nice and promised he’d go easy on us, though I had a feeling he wasn’t being totally truthful about that. I felt great about scheduling my first class. It was circuit training. I told myself,  “If I don’t tear my meniscus, have an asthma attack, or puke…I will consider my first session a success”.

Day 1: Post Circuit Training

I couldn’t move, write or think. I was jello. I only had energy to lay on my couch and catch up on Empire.

DAY 2 :

Okay I was alive and class wasn’t actually that bad! Thankfully I didn’t puke. I wondered if I could make through twenty more days. I was so thoroughly exhausted that at the end of class we did flutter kicks and my feet felt like they were superglued to the floor. I could barely lift them up an inch. This was the day that I was going to Core and Cardio class. What’s a “core”? Is that a magical creature that only exists in movies? If I can lift my legs off the floor I’ll consider it a success.

Laura- Manik Workout 4

DAY 3:

Well I didn’t sleep at ALL… and you want to know why? I broke my elbow a few years ago, and it felt as if I had done it all over again! I was SO SORE that when I bent my arms it felt like they were broken.

Day 5:

I  took a day off since I felt like I’d been hit by a car. My college friend is in town so I took him hiking and I wanted to stay active on my day off. MY ARMS ARE STILL DEAD. I seriously thought I was already in better shape, after four days.  Usually I’m the one who keeps up the rear while hiking but today I was the leader. The mountain was mine.

Day 6:

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday and I honestly can say, I’ve never been awake that early on a Saturday to work out. I made it one third of the way through the program! Today is arms day, which should be super fun since I spent this whole week not sleeping from arm soreness. Bootcamp has already started to grow on me, which I never ever thought would happen. I’ve always been intimidated by intense workouts but the thing you never realize is that nobody cares what you’re doing. Everyone is so focused on their own workout and they’re accepting of people of all levels. I’ve gotten into the mindset that it’s only an hour so you might as well go HARD. Naps come after.

Day 6: Post Workout

I actually wanted to stay for the second class after arm class. To make matters more astonishing the class is called “blood and guts”. Super appealing right? This is how I know I had lost my mind to the endorphins. We were on the fence at first but Dave (the owner of Grinder) talked us out of it and I’m glad he did because twenty minutes later I now can say I have dead arms. We did run another mile after class though! Beasts! It was time to get ready for Brandee J’s kurvy girl runway workshop!

Day 7:

I’m getting ready to leave my house to go to the first day of week two of the program. I was sad, I hadn’t eaten and I just want to stay in bed and be sad. Ever have one of those days? But I knew I had to go or I would regret it later. The best way to stop being sad is to get up and move! So I got up, even though every ounce of my body didn’t want to. This is why it’s so important to have a workout structure, otherwise it’s too easy to give yourself a break and fall out of the routine. This is the story of my life, and it was time to change the story! I had to workout everyday for this to be the most effective.

And on this day, I decided to commit myself wellness.

“We become weaker when we allow pain and fear to define us. We grow stronger when we find purpose and meaning in our trials. Judge me, push me, and I will make myself stronger.” – Dave DePew, Grinder Gym




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