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Nakia (Nik) Adams is an artist, Co-Founder of,  a lifestyle publication , and Founder of  Womanhood a resource and networking community built for millennial women to be encouraged to live as their true selves. A native New Yorker, originally from the Bronx, who now lives on the Upper Westside, Adams is deeply rooted in uplifting women through art. After earning her degree in Psychology, in 2012- Adams vowed to expressing psychology through art which was the beginning to the tidal wave of art that we’re seeing from her today.

“Recently I created a four part digital collage series entitled “Her story began within.” I crafted this series to promote self-love, claim solidarity for more body-positive representations of women, celebrate the uniqueness of women and explore the essence of femininity”, said Nik when detailing what’s she’s focused on right now.  

q: What inspires your artwork?

a: This four part series “Her Story Began Within” was heavily inspired by women, experiences, and my peers. I recently reflected on my journey as a woman and found myself involved in several public debates concerning women and our lifestyles. When I’m passionate about something I have a tendency to be long winded and “go off”. I decided to let my ark work be my response and create instead of ranting.

q: Who are your art influences?

a: My biggest art influence is Frida Kahlo. She was really big on self-expression and I’m a lot like that. Her freedom of expression was present in her choice of clothing, the way she wore her hair, she smoked, drank and just wasn’t your typically dainty lady, but she was extremely talented. Frida’s paintings were filled with symbolism. She reacted to pain, suffering, lust, love and social issues on a canvas. I can’t compare myself to her but I intend to live as freely and bold as she did.

( I also recently got a tribute tattoo for Frida Kahlo)



q: What compelled you to create this piece?

a: With this piece it took me a few days to get it all to fit. I was compelled by beauty, and celebrating the artistic grace of women. I intended to showcase three women’s bodies mixed, blended, and molded into one.

q: What do you think would be a great help for woman to get in the practice of managing their confidence levels?

a: I think the best way to tackle confidence, and self-esteem is to form a sisterhood.

I would suggest to any woman in need of support to form a circle of sisters. Build a safe space with a core group of women and talk about what’s going on in your lives. We cannot silence ourselves out of fear or doubt. We have to live our truth and speak our truth and it’s better if you do it with the group of like-minded women.


q:  In what ways do you expect your piece to impact society?

a: I decided to call this piece “Show Girls” to prove that no matter what size, shape, or color women are beautiful and have the right to show off their bodies. I want this piece to strike conversation with women, whether it’s in a group or in front of the mirror.


q: What have you had to overcome to become the artist you are today?

a: I had to overcome the fear of not knowing what’s next. Most artist are always asked “so what’s next for you or what direction will you take your art next?”. I had to knowledge that at one point I don’t know what was next. I had to tell myself not know is okay when the time is right the idea with comes to you and there you have it.The idea to create this series struck at the beginning of February. Before that I had no idea what direction I was going in with art, but I knew I wanted to create, and deliver messages. I was asked a lot what was next with my art and I didn’t have an answer.

q: What message do you want your art to send?

a: I open to whatever messages people receive from my work but I’d like to project fearlessness.

q:  Who is your target audience?

a: I think this is a great question, because I recently asked myself “who do you create for?” My target audience would be women, millennial, open minded, women.

q: What are your upcoming events and art that we should look out for?

a: I host bi-monthly events from Womanhood and that information can be found on the event section of the site or on our social media. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

q: Where can our readers find more of your work?

 a: My work can be found on or on my Instagram account


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