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For such a long time, fashion for plus size women was so dowdy and boring. There wasn’t much of a stylish selection to choose from even for timeless looks. Over the last seven years, with the influx of brands recognizing the buying power of plus size women, we’ve seen more brands and e-tailers popping up with trendy affordable looks.

From one shopper to the next, consider wearability before your next purchase. Think about longevity. Go for pieces with a classic life expectancy, things that can be worn over time, rather than just for a particular season, while it’s in trend. Depending on where you fall on the size chart and what you have in your wallet, clothes shopping can be one of those daunting events. Feeling more like a nuisance rather than a blissful joy.


Building a quality wardrobe takes time and patience, you should always consider wearability before you reach your point of purchase. In other words, before you dive for your wallet, think about the many ways you can rock whatever it is that has won you over.

OF WHONDERCarmencita Whonder, Brand Owner

In a recent conversation with Carmencita Whonder, creator of new plus size brand OF WHONDER, Carmencita said,”It’s important for plus size women to be educated on the benefits of curating a quality wardrobe… Items that can be worn up to two to five years down the line rather than items that are tossed after three to five washes”. I concur. Quality pieces last longer and they save you money. With all the money spent on “cheap” pieces you can definitely stack your coins for pieces that will give you longevity.

Quintessential quality pieces  you should have in your wardrobe:


A quality blazer can take you anywhere in life. From the office, to your next date. From a day party  to a night out on the town with your girls. Blazers add a touch of classic style to your look and can be dressed up or down- pair it with your favorite pair of jeans or dress! More importantly, a quality blazer has a good life expectancy of at least 5-10 years, provided your weight doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Plus Size Black Dress Donna RiccoDress: Donna Ricco, Nordstrom

Black Dress

A black dress is so necessary in life. They’re so basic yet so fab- at the same damn time! One of the best ways to consider whether or not a black dress is worth the purchase is considering the many ways you can wear it. If you can come up with several ways to wear a black dress- serving a variety of looks each time you wear it….then you know it’s definitely worth the buy.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the ultimate must have. Not pleather, or almost leather. An absolute 100% leather jacket is a basic piece that will add exceptional style.white shirt

Crisp White Shirt

The most timeless pieces of all is the crisp white collar shirt. It looks great with almost everything, and is a part of the can-be-dressed-up-or-down family.

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  1. I concur!

    A great wardrobe is made up of good quality, great fitting pieces, that make you feel fabulous. Items that are fashionable which you will be able to mix and match with high/fast fashion pieces to give you a more updated look.

    I would add to the must have list – a fabulous solid black/neutral great fitting skirt- whether that’s a pencil or A-line, something that you can pull out and wear with just about anything, in any season. This skirt if purchased in quality fabrication along with the little black dress, white shirt and leather jacket could take you through decades of wear.

    From Harlow HW

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