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Color blocking is a form of fashion, I’ve always been a fan of. There’s just something so incredibly effortless, fun, and chic about it. Color blocking isn’t exactly a new trend or idea, it’s something that has reoccurred throughout time and it just so happens to be the easiest way to get dressed in the morning.

Funny enough, we all partake in this trend without even giving it much thought, and most of the time we pull it off without a hitch. Some people may shy away from the oh so bold, oh so vibrant, oh so terribly clashing COLOR mix, but there is a way  to do it  that will help you pay homage to  the fresh take on color theory.

For the upcoming seasons, it’s not farfetched for color blocking to be at center stage and with a vengeance. Now, I love print more than the average person, but I would be a fool and a liar if I told you that a solid-colored garment isn’t the catalyst to a smart–looking outfit.

Now if you’re not comfortable with the flashy and, at times, down right absurd, trust me there’s hope…there is a way.

Check out some of my outfit ideas for the more demure , the slightly boisterous, and the proverbially lazy (because let’s face it, we all live in lazy-town from time to time)- color blocking.


  1. H&M+ V-Neck Blouse: $29.95
  2. H&M+ Denim Shorts: $24.95
  3. Mixed Chain: $9.99
  4.  Bejeweled Bracelet Set: $5.80
  5. Franco Sarto Yukon Sandals: $39.94
  6. Merona Straw Tote: $34.99

office chic

  1. Merona Collarless Jacket: $34.99
  2. Pure Energy Tiered Blouse: $24.99
  3. Modernist Curb Bracelet: $5.80
  4. H&M Croc Paneled Handbag: $39.95
  5. Mossimo Leather Panel Pencil Skirt: $9.98
  6. Brushed Metal Pyramid Bib: $16.50
  7. Suede Sling- back  Runway Pump: $79.90
  8. Black Ankle Plated Heel: $26.90

colorfully chic

  1. Mossimo Tunic: $27.99
  2. Triangle Envelop Clutch: $45
  3. Sequin Gold Clutch: $16
  4. Pure Energy Ankle Pants:$29.99
  5. Opaque Faceted Bead Necklace: $22
  6. Vince Camuto Gold & Aqua Cuff: $27.19
  7. Xhilaration Bracelet Watch: $16.99
  8. Caparros Mesh Kitten Pumps: $39.48
  9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Cap toe Heels: $39
  10. Kelly & Kate Chris Sandal: $39.95

no brainer

  1. Striped Strapless Dress: $35.95
  2. Merona Color Block Ponte Blouse: $22.99
  3. Pure Energy Color Block Dress: $32.99
  4. Asos Colour Block Midi Skirt: $41.92
  5. Merona High-Low Maxi Dress: $27.99
  6. Sleek Lacquered Bracelet Set: $8.80
  7. Color Block Multi- Strand Necklace: $35
  8. Classic Contrast Satchel: $39.99
  9. Carolee  Miami Mod Color block Geo Studs: $28
  10. Color Cascade Lacquered Bangles: $6.80


So now that we’ve seen some of my favorite color blocking picks, let’s talk about print blocking. Print blocking, which can sometimes be referred to as mixing prints, is yet another style of dress that I am all the way here for! Honestly I could probably go on for days about how the whole idea of mixing prints completes me… but I think I’d rather briefly touch on the concept of print blocking as it pertains to paneling. The concept is very much the same as your standard color blocking but instead of just solids, they switch it up on ya and throw in a print. Three cheers for that!

Below I included just a few pieces to demonstrate what exactly I’m talking about, though there are millions of options out there, for all budgets and desired print and color combinations.

print blocking 2

  1. Dreamy Zippered Top: $17.80
  2. Mossimo Veronica Flats:$ 22.39
  3. H&M Croc Paneled Handbag: $39.95
  4. BC Sharp As A Tack Flats: $44.95
  5. Asos PU Paneled Dress: $33.34

So…What do you think about color and print blocking? Share your thoughts…comment below.


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