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If you think living life as a plus size woman is challenging at times. Imagine living life as a plus size model. Of course when you think model, you think- glitz, glam, strutting down the runway and everything fabulous but the reality is, plus size models are the victims of society’s beauty standards as well. They’re ridiculed for being too fat and as an industry that’s struggling to evolve, the plus size fashion and modeling industry also faces an identity crisis which has found it’s way amongst plus size women as a whole.

A Perfect 14: Teaser Trailer from O’Brien Films on Vimeo.

Filmmakers, Giovanna Morales and James Earl O’Brian has recently introduced the trailer for  A Perfect 14, a film about plus size models fighting to reshape the world of fashion and the standards of society. A Perfect 14 explores, what I’d like to call an identity crisis within the plus size industry. In the film, plus models Elly Mayday, Laura Wells, and Kerosene Deluxe “Struggle against the distorted perception of body image that is being perpetuated in people’s minds. These women share their personal experiences of challenges and successes to help empower themselves and others to eradicate the currently held standards of beauty”. – A Perfect 14, Indiegogo

In January 2013, we published an article by freelance writer Tanisha Ramirez titled, “What is plus-size?” In the article Ramirez makes an attempt to pin- where does plus sizing begin. With so many plus designers and brands offering their lines at varying sizes with no standard on where plus sizing begins, it becomes a bit frustrating to identify with what “plus size” actually is.

A Perfect 14 Manik Mag

The plus size fashion and modeling industry lacks structure and brutally requires standards which may sound harsh, but this is a market that has been neglected for years by major brands, retailers, and mass media. With 75% of women being a size 14 or larger, the buying power of plus size women cannot go unnoticed, which is why we’ve had this combustion of brands and retailers diverting their focus to offer trendy plus size clothing. But when you’re selling these clothes, you must consider how you will market to the plus size consumer. What type of woman will you have in your advertising campaign? Will she be a size 6; pinned and photoshopped to make other women believe they should look like her… all because she’s “too fat” to walk in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Or, will she be a plus size women who other plus size women can relate to and identify with? All of these elements shapes society’s perception on what a plus size woman actually looks like.

Elly Mayday Manik Mag A Perfect 10

A Perfect 14, makes an effort to address these conflicts within the world of plus size fashion and modeling. Cheers to Morales and O’Brian for bringing these key conflicts to the forefront. I’m hoping that it will change the way society views the plus size woman not only in media, but the girl next door, the mother, the friend, the daughter, and wife.

If you want to learn about how you can help A Perfect 14 reach theaters, click here to support the film’s initiative to raise funds to complete the movie.


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