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Fashion Heroe…

We’ve all heard of love at first sight and I’ll be the first to tell you it exist. Well… (cough) only as it relates to fashion. The very first time I laid eyes on Designer, Marco Hall’s work, I was sold. The look was modeled by +Model Cara Scott, (who by the way photographs amazingly well). It was a multi-colored embroidery jumpsuit that had amazing detail.


Overall, it was purely a work of art. After doing some digging my new found love had quickly become an obsession, once I saw other pieces by the remarkable designer I could not help but ask, WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! So I did what any self-respecting fashion fiend hautie would do, requested Marco as a friend on Facebook and went through ALL of his photos. And once I raided all of his albums, I sent him a Facebook message telling him how much I admired his work.

No_Strings_Attached_ Hi_Res-1


It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt such a connection to a designer’s work. Marco’s designs brings me a different kind of joy. One I honestly cannot match with words and one, only my eyes and heart can only understand. His contributions to fashion is immeasurable and I cannot seem to get enough of his talents. His style is always elegant but he’s very versatile, from ready to wear to couture to a chic sweatsuit; Marco designs it all!



He’s dressed everyone from Olympic Gold Medalist Gabi Douglas to Rihanna, and has been featured in just about every fashion magazine.  More recently Marco began designing for curves. Inspired by his full figured clients and model muse Suzette Michelle, Marco decided to design his first curvy collection this past March and he’ll be launching it at Curves Rock Fashion Weekend.


SW: How long have you been designing for?

MH: I’ve been designing for about 20 years, but I’d say it’s been a career for the last 16. I began sewing in the 5th grade, manually, by hand. I didn’t begin working with a sewing machine until high school. I remember I wanted to take a sewing class then, and my teacher would NOT let me (laughs). She said, it was no sense in me learning. Because by the time I would have grown up there would have been a new way of sewing, a simpler way,where a machine could do it with the click of a button. I just ended up getting a sewing machine and teaching myself how to use it.

ManikMag_Hi Res-13

SW: Do you remember the first piece you ever made?

MH: (laughs) Oh yes! The first piece I ever made was a pair of pants with stripes going down the side. I was so happy!

SW: Where do you acquire your inspiration?

MH: My friends. People in my life. Fabrics and prints.

SW: Who are amongst your favorite designers?

MH: Issey Miyake, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen.

SW: How does it make you feel when you hear, high fashion isn’t for +size women?

MH: I think it’s crazy! A “real woman” isn’t really thin. The average woman has curves and or has a fuller body than what you see on runways. That’s fantasy. I think high fashion can be for fuller women. It’s a matter of creating accommodating looks. I think it’s sad that we don’t see more curvy women in high fashion shows.

SW: Is that what compelled you to create a collection for curvy hauties?

MH: I decided to create a collection for curves because I have some full figured clients who have repeated asked me, ‘So Marco when are you going to create a line for me?’ And…then I said to myself I was going to do it.

SW: What are some of the challenges you face when dressing full figured women?

MH: The challenge for me is women not wearing proper foundation (undergarments; girdles) Whether you’re full figured or small, it’s necessary to have the proper foundation on. Proper foundation is a must! Back in the day our Grandmothers, and Great Grans, always wore a great girdle. They understood the importance of looking good. It was just about having on the latest anything. It was about looking good in what you have, and ensuring your undergarments served your body. If you want to be in a great dress, you have to understand that it must fit properly. Your foundation sets the tone of how your clothes fall.


644165_10151413839393701_2123189047_nSW: Is there one thing you can say you have a preference in designing over any other?

MH: There was once a point when I designed everything. But dresses are definitely my strong point. I love designing dresses. I love draping. Every woman looks great in a dress. I can take the credit for the talent, but my mentor Erica Mays is who inspired me to hone in on what I’m good at. She sat me down and said, ‘Be known for something, rather than be known for everything.’ (laughs) That stuck with me!



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