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Who hasn’t  jumped on the leather trend this season? There was once upon a time, when leather use to be so expensive and obnoxiously hard to find for curvaceous women. But oh have times changed! This season you’re in luck…Although leather is still very expensive, you can get your hands on something very comparable AND cheaper at many department stores.

The fashion GODS have made it even easier for women of our size to acquire the “leather-look” with leatherette (imitation leather). The difference between leather and leatherette is simple.Leatherette is an artificial leather with a leather-like” finish to it, it’s made by covering fabric with plastic, which then undergoes a process where it’s covered by vinyl  which is a type of plastic. Versus leather which is made from animal hide.

Although leather owns many pros, it also has its cons. The quality and longevity of leather is unmatched by leatherette. But as we know…quality comes with a hefty price and if you’re animal conscious leatherette will look awfully attractive to you!  While the quality of leatherette doesn’t hold up to actual leather, you can undoubtedly find some great leatherette looks that are  less expensive and being that it’s made mostly from plastic there will be a great stretch!

Don’t expect leatherette to have a long life expectancy in your closet; it wont last very long and the material will rub off if not treated with care. My closet is home to so many leatherette items from various stores such as Asos, Forever 21, Everything Curvy & Chic Boutique, H & M.

Check out how I styled my leatherette looks! All items were purchased at a reasonable price; $50 or under.






































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  1. The oxblood leggings with that vest is all types of life. Loving every look!


  2. I’d love to get me some of these pieces……they are gorgeous and I’m loving it

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